Step 6: Install Elixir

You can either install elixir with asdf or brew. We recommend asdf, but either approach will be sufficient.


For asdf follow the setup instructions here -


Before installing anything with homebrew, always update to latest, by typing this in the terminal:

brew update

then you can use homebrew to install elixir:

brew install elixir

OR Macports

Alternately, you may install using Macports, by typing this in the terminal:

sudo port install elixir

Windows installation

Navigate to

Install the chocolatey package.

Then install elixir. Follow the instructions here:

Check Your Installation

To check that Elixir is installed correctly:

elixir -v

You should see a version number greater than 1.5, like this:

Elixir 1.5.1

Anything above 1.5 is fine.

Step 7: Install Hex

Type this in the terminal:

mix local.hex

Step 8: Install Phoenix

Type this in the terminal:

mix archive.install

You will see:

Are you sure you want to install archive ""? [Yn]

Answer “Y” to install. Then you should see:

* creating /Users/{your user name}/.mix/archives/phx_new


Type this in the terminal:

mix help | grep phx

Expected Result:

mix       # Creates a new Phoenix v1.3.0 application

You will likely see other mix commands, but that’s the important one.